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Integrated Watershed Conservation & Restoration - Agency of Rural Development and Soil and Water Conservation, MOA

Rural Development and Soil and Water Conservation
Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages

Integrated Watershed Conservation & Restoration

Regional Soil and Water Conservation

The soil and water conservation of agricultural and meadowlands on slopelands were done for the purpose of the operation of agricultural businesses to promote agricultural production on slopelands and conservation of soil and water resources. Over recent years, regional conservation has developed towards environmental conservation, and leisure agriculture.

● Conservation of Regional Water and Soil Resources and Green Environment Building

To conserve water and soil resources from slopelands, build water resource conservation facilities, buffer green belts and improve the green environment in slopelands, the agricultural production environment is improved through water resource conservation and protective green belts of various slopelands to prevent soil erosion and loss of agricultural lands and maintain sustainable utilization of lands. The planned budget for regional soil and water resource conservation and green environment building is NTD 49.1 million and 11 projects were completed. The budget for assistance and subsidy of farmers in the implementation of soil and water conservation was NTD 4.88 million for the purpose of improving and maintaining the agricultural environment and promoting the agricultural development on slopelands.

● Farming Ponds and Terraces

The global climate change causes rainfall intensity to gradually increase or the dry season to be prolonged obviously. This makes disasters frequent and droughts and floods uneven, thus causing a severe threat to the life and property of civilians and crop harvest. It is a feasible solution to properly utilize ponds and terraces distributed in a large area of land. This further can reduce the surface runoff and surface erosion and regulate the flood discharge during the rainy season in addition to directly increasing water storage. In total, 40 existing ponds and 2 terraces were improved, with a budget of approximately NTD 260.4 million.

  • Ditch Control Project of Hsincheng Village 14 Neighborhood (Nantou County Yuchi Township)
  • Flood Detention and Water Retention Improvement Project of Mingde Minimum-Security Prison (Tainan City Shanshang District)
Flood Detention and Water Retention Facility Improvement Project of Sencengping (Yilan County Yuanshan Township)
  • Flood Detention and Water Retention Facility Improvement Project of Fengqi Lake (Miaoli County Toufen City)
  • Terrance Restoration Project of Taiping Community (New Taipei City Shuangxi District)