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2024 Taiwan-Czech Republic Workshop on Slope and Active Tectonics - Agency of Rural Development and Soil and Water Conservation, MOA

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2024 Taiwan-Czech Republic Workshop on Slope and Active Tectonics

On January 19, 2024, the workshop on "2024 Taiwan-Czech Republic Workshop on Slope and Active Tectonics" jointly organized by the ARDWC and National Cheng Kung University, successfully concluded. This workshop brought together geological experts from the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics (USMH), Masaryk University and National Cheng Kung University. Professors and students from various Taiwanese universities were also invited to participate, engaging in in-depth discussions on topics related to deep-seated landslides and active tectonics.

During the workshop, experts shared their research findings and experiences, covering fascinating topics such as oblique thrust to strike-slip, application of magnetic susceptibility anisotropy to active faults and landslide masses, and other topics. Participants attentively listened, fostering rich intellectual exchanges that propelled advancements in the geological field.

This workshop was not only an academic event delving into specialized areas but also an opportunity for international academic collaboration. Experts and scholars from different countries collectively confronted challenges in Earth sciences. Through in-depth academic dialogues, it is believed that participants gained substantial insights.

The workshop witnessed the convergence of expertise from Taiwan and the Czech Republic, enriching the perspectives of academic research and establishing a solid foundation for future collaboration. The exchange aimed to inspire more innovative contributions, and we extend our gratitude to all enthusiastic participants, making this workshop an unforgettable academic event.

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